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Higher Education Department of Kerala

A Principal Secretary to Government heads Department of Higher Education. Collegiate Education and Technical Education, also comes under Higher Education department. Directorate of Collegiate Education is the Government agency to make arrangements for starting new Government colleges, new courses and for payment of salary to the staff of aided colleges. Directorate of Technical Education is in charge of various institutions imparting technical education in the state including Engineering colleges, Polytechnics, College of Fine arts, Food craft institutes, Commercial Institutes, Technical high schools, Vocational Training Centers etc.Higher education sector was also suffering due to the apathy in earlier years. There was a steep fall in standards and glaring inadequacy to address changed needs of present social level. So a higher education council was constituted to get a clear vision about the modernization of education for the coming years.The concept of need-based scholarship was set in motion to enable all students to be in a position to go for higher education. Such fund would also help put an end to existing inequalities in the higher education sector and the neglect of core areas of study.

Higher Education Department Organization

The State Government exerted consistent pressure on the Center to sanction institutions of higher learning which the State is lacking.This resulted in the sanctioning of IISER (Indian Institute of Science Education and Research). An amount Rs. 500 crore is set apart for the purpose. The Center has sanctioned the Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology under ISRO. The State Government has allocated 200 acres of land at Vithura for the IISER. A memorandum of understanding has been signed for starting a school of Mathematics of International standard at Kozhikode. The HRD Ministry has consented to elevate the status of CUSAT into a national university of Engineering technology. The Center has also sanctioned a Central University for Kerala in Malabar.

Notable Function of Higher Education Department :

  • General Papers on academic matters, Section miscellaneous. Annual ,Accounts and Audit, Draft para and Audit paras relating to Calicut & University.
  • All the matters concerning CUSAT and Kannur Universities.
  • Establishment of Librarians under Common Pool.
  • Issues related to the candidates selected by KPSC for the posts of & Lecturers in Government Arts and Science Colleges.
  • Budget papers relating to Technical Education Department.
  • Audit Objection, draft paras, appropriation accounts, reconciliation of & accounts, Supplementary demand, budget estimate, annual plan,& expenditure commission etc., relating to Stationery Department and papers relating to Working Group.
  • Sanction for Printing of new forms and re-printing of old-forms.
  • Liaison between the Department and Legislature Secretariat on & furnishing answer to L. A. and its consolidations.
  • Consolidation work of Higher Education Department, EDUSAT, & Education Grid, Departmental Reviews.
  • Papers on ISDL Central Advisory Board of Education and Education & Ministers Conference.

Department Section:

S.NO Department Section Phone No
1 Higher Education(A) Department 2518489
2 Higher Education(B) Department 2518280
3 Higher Education(C) Department 2518942
4 Higher Education(D) Department 2518419
5 Higher Education(F) Department 2518686
6 Higher Education(G) Department 2518213
7 Higher Education(H) Department 2518369
8 Higher Education(J) Department 2518758
9 Health and Family Welfare (K)Department 2518947
10 Higher Education(L) Department 2518693
11 Higher Education(P) Department 2518555

Related Website of Higher Education Department:

S.NO Name of Website Link
1 Department of Higher Education
2 Directorate of Technical Education
3 Department of General Education, Government of Kerala
4 Kerala State Higher Education Council (KSHEC)

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